Top 5 Hong Kong Pools

hongkong pools

Hong Kong’s scorching summer climate calls for relaxing afternoons at the beach or refreshing dips in a pool, with public pools being a go-to source of relief; but many hotels also boast stunning rooftop and clifftop pools for added cooling off pleasure.

From relaxing with a cocktail in hand to taking in scenic views of Victoria Harbour, hotel pools offer numerous ways to enjoy an enjoyable dip experience. Take a look at some of our favorites below.

InterContinental Hong Kong has long been popular with travellers thanks to its magnificent view of Victoria Harbour from its glittering pool, making for an idyllic stay near Tsim Sha Tsui and North Point areas – making accessing many Hong Kong attractions easy! You can relax by the pool or visit its tea deck and treat yourself to snacks and refreshments from there.

Rooftop pools may only be accessible to hotel guests, but that should not deter you from spending an enjoyable and luxurious day here. With its unobstructed view of Victoria Harbour’s tranquil waters and 25-metre pool length – perfect for swimming laps or simply lounging around under the sun – this rooftop pool makes an exceptional spot to spend your time. Furthermore, if hunger strikes there’s always the hotel restaurant where delicious seafood dishes and beverages await.

Rosewood Hong Kong offers an infinity pool that will have you feeling as though you’re floating on air. Although smaller than other options on this list, its exclusive feel and picturesque vistas more than make up for any shortcomings. Take time out during sunset hours to take in all this pool has to offer; once done don’t forget to grab one of Asaya’s freshly blended smoothies before leaving!

Not only is this pool known for its spectacular views, but its design also stands out: divided into two levels with different depths to accommodate swimmers of varying abilities. For kids’ use only is shallower waters at one end while adult-only swimmers can use an upper level which features a slide and hot tub for relaxation purposes.

Even though Hong Kong’s social-distancing rules have been relaxed, this hotel remains an excellent spot to relax and take a swim! Boasting eight pools that you can choose from and excellent facilities that are kept clean and upkeeped regularly – however they will close each Thursday for cleaning purposes.