The HK Prize and Justice Centre Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Prize (hk Prize) is an international scholarship program that recognizes high school students for their academic accomplishments, extracurricular involvement and talents. It encourages students to follow their passions while expanding global perspectives. Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited sponsors this non-governmental merit-based award while supporting young scientists as they explore Hong Kong’s top research facilities while exploring its culture and history.

The BOCHK SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION PRIZE recognizes innovative developments across Hong Kong’s scientific and technological landscape. It covers artificial intelligence/robotics/life/health innovations/new materials/energy applications/ advanced manufacturing/fintech/biotechnology fields of study. Each award field may receive up to five prize recipients each year; any who violate provisions in their Charter could see their award cancelled out, prize money taken back or trophy taken away by the Board.

Additionally, the BOCHK SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PRIZE will fund the Hong Kong Foundation for Innovative Research which will assume responsibilities such as liaison between Board, Review Committee and Compliance Oversight Team; conducting evaluation activities; organizing award ceremonies; holding interdisciplinary academic activities and science popularization events; as well as ensuring all personnel involved with running this prize are bound by confidentiality obligations.

Top ten writers will receive not only a monetary prize but also an awards ceremony plaque and other benefits. While this competition is highly competitive, it provides an excellent platform for writers specializing in Asian culture and history to showcase their work.

Justice Centre Hong Kong strives to ensure no forced migrant travels alone on their journey toward protection, justice and an improved quality of life. They offer legal assistance, psychosocial support and research projects. With help from The HK Prize, Justice Centre HK hopes to raise awareness for human rights while encouraging individuals of all backgrounds to speak up.

Beijing has recently enforced a harsh crackdown on Hong Kong, passing a National Security Law and jailing activists advocating democracy. This award honors those who have worked tirelessly for Hong Kong’s freedom, such as journalist Jimmy Lai of Apple Daily fame; Gwyneth Ho, former reporter at Stand News; and Joshua Wong who led last year’s Umbrella Movement as its teen leader.

Since 1996, when it was founded, The Hong Kong Prize has been given out to various individuals. Past recipients have included someone using technology to assist homeless people, an artist reinterpreting human rights into fine art concepts, and a scientist contributing to medical research advancement. Each winner will receive a cash prize of HK$1 Million plus certificates and trophies; with judges operating independently from sponsors or committees to ensure only those best deserving will win an award; winners will then be honored at an annual ceremony.