How to Win the SGP Prize

The Singapore General Publishing Prize (SGPP Prize) is one of Singapore’s premier literary awards, providing authors with an incredible opportunity to advance their careers with cash prizes and publication. Furthermore, its cultural promotion efforts help draw tourists while contributing to economic development within Singapore.

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To win the SGP prize, you’ll need to demonstrate strong imagination and writing abilities. Your characters must be believable while creating an engaging storyline – plus be sure that no holes exist within it!

The Singapore Gender Prize (sgp prize) is an effective way of fostering culture and supporting creative industries across Singapore. It has received international acclaim and become an essential part of Singaporean identity. Kishore Mahbubani of NUS Asia Research Institute founded this prize to commemorate SG50 celebrations; since 2014 he has served as its jury chair. In addition to fostering culture and encouraging creative industries in Singapore, this prize also fosters creative industries while drawing visitors and tourists.