Data Governance in Data Hong Kong

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Data Hong Kong – To help a business realize the full value of their data, creating a data governance program is an integral component. The first step towards setting one up should be creating a business case and explaining to stakeholders its value; this should clearly outline broad strategic objectives as well as specific opportunities offered by data governance programs; in addition, this document must identify who (roles), technologies and processes will support an organization’s data governance goals.

Hong Kong personal data protection law (PDPO) establishes rights for data subjects, sets out specific obligations for data controllers and regulates collection, processing, holding and use through six data protection principles. It applies to any user residing or processing personal data within or from Hong Kong – even those located outside its boundaries – who control or process such data; additionally it can hold them liable if their agents or contractors breach its provisions by failing to perform their duties and responsibilities under PDPO.

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Implementing a data governance framework must be driven by business needs. There are various approaches to data governance implementation; each will bring its own advantages for a company; however, successful frameworks are those driven by and aligned with overall business strategies.

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