DayJune 3, 2024

What Businesses Need to Know About the PDPO Retention Proposal

Hong Kong remains one of the world’s premier locations for data centre operations due to its robust legal framework, reliability and superior infrastructure. Despite high land prices, there has been significant development of new data centres – currently under construction or planned – totalling 8 million sq feet under construction with 6 more 6 million square feet in development pipeline. Furthermore, Beijing-Hong Kong agreement on mainland data exchange will increase demand locally further cementing Hong Kong as regional data hub.

However, the current PDPO regime lacks any clear or enforceable mechanism to specify when personal data should no longer be retained1. As a result, businesses often hold on to personal data well past its expiration and its original purpose with individuals, exposing them to unwanted privacy risks.

The government is proposing changes to the PDPO that will strengthen protection of personal data. One proposal requires data users to create a clear retention policy. This article describes its background and what businesses need to know.

Data can be an invaluable asset to any organisation, helping generate new sources of revenue and operational efficiency by improving customer engagement, advanced analytics and providing innovative products and services. In order to realize this value, organizations must establish a data governance program which aligns their business goals with their data capabilities.

Attaining this goal involves crafting both a vision and business case for data governance, with the former outlining your broad strategic goals while the latter details specific projects and people that you will require in order to support it. Both documents should then form the basis of policies designed to meet both strategic objectives as well as your business needs.

At the core of any successful data governance program lies a dedicated team of stewards, evangelists and champions dedicated to driving a culture of data responsibility across your organisation. This ensures you not only identify its value but also use it efficiently to meet business goals efficiently and effectively.

Your organisation must demonstrate compliance with the PDPO and any relevant legislation through transparent data management processes and procedures, while simultaneously taking proactive steps to address any security risks with appropriate measures.

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