DayJune 1, 2024

5 Hong Kong Pools to Cool Off This Summer

Swimming is an enjoyable and beneficial activity for people of all ages, particularly kids. Not only can it reduce stress and boost mood, it can also strengthen muscles and bones without adding to joint strain. Engaging in three sessions weekly swimming has been shown to increase energy levels while increasing cardiovascular fitness; and can even mitigate diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and osteoporosis risks.

As summer heat continues to intensify, you might be considering visiting one of Hong Kong’s many swimming pools to relax and refresh yourself. But beware: not all are created equal when it comes to safety; according to Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union estimates that some 20 public pools may only partially open this summer due to lifeguard shortages.

Swimming clubs may also face closure for similar reasons. Although pools will notify their members four months in advance about when classes will be offered, there is no guarantee they will take place as scheduled and there is no refund offered on prepaid fees.

Hammer Hill Road’s family pool boasts an assortment of water slides, fountains and games designed to keep kids busy all day. Kids love its iconic mushroom and tree-shaped fountains; plus there’s a round stepping pool and toddler pool too – plus there’s always the pirate ship with water cannons!

Though small in size, this pool’s location near Tseung Kwan O Public Library makes it more peaceful than other pools in town. Plus, kids love its large water slide! And don’t forget it’s heated so swimming will always be comfortable whatever the season!

Location is everything and this swimming pool in an outlying area is much quieter than other popular ones in the city, making it an excellent spot for relaxing swims without crowds or noise. Plus there’s even an onsite restaurant serving traditional Chinese dishes and beverages!

This upscale hotel offers not only a rooftop infinity pool, but also sunbathing deckchairs and high-speed internet connection – not to mention some of the best shaved ice in town!

At W Hong Kong’s outdoor pool on the 39th floor, you are sure to experience spectacular views while you swim. Additionally, this facility has both a hot tub and sauna! If all that swimming leaves you feeling exhausted afterward, try visiting Wing Lai Yuen for some delightful sichuan noodles, located only a short walk from your hotel!

Recognizing the Signs of a Gambling Problem

Gambling involves wagering something of value – often money – on an uncertain outcome in order to gain something in return. Gambling entails high levels of risk and always favors the house; moreover, it can quickly become addictive; its consequences can reach far into one’s life, family and community if left unchecked. Recognizing signs of gambling dependency is vital; seek help immediately should your situation require it.

Gambling can serve many functions for different individuals, from socializing and relieving boredom, to unwinding after a stressful day or managing depression. No matter the motivation, it is essential that gamblers know there are healthier and more effective methods available to them for soothing unpleasant feelings and relieving boredom, such as exercising regularly, spending time with non-gambler friends and practicing relaxation techniques.

Some individuals may develop gambling addiction for genetic or neurological reasons. Studies suggest those with low sensitivity to reward stimulation, poor impulse control or impulsiveness are more prone to becoming hooked on gambling. Furthermore, gambling overstimulates the brain’s reward system similarly to alcohol or drugs, altering an individual’s ability to accurately evaluate risks versus rewards and altering an individual’s risk-reward decision-making ability.

Gambling may be addictive, but it has positive side-effects as well. For example, it contributes to a country’s economy by drawing tourists in and providing employment opportunities. Furthermore, it can enhance an individual’s mental health through greater levels of socialization and skill acquisition; moreover it may improve morality by discouraging criminal acts like burglary, robbery and drug peddling.

Gambling provides another key benefit of society: engaging idlers who might otherwise engage in illegal activities. This is particularly noticeable in places with numerous casinos like Las Vegas where 60% of workers employ in this sector – helping reduce crime rates in society overall.

While gambling can be enjoyable and entertaining, it is essential to remember that it should never be used as a way of making money. Therefore, you should set a limit of money you are willing to lose each time, never take out more than your budget allows and don’t overspend or accumulate debt. Furthermore, gambling should never be done while under the influence of alcohol or other substances as well as depression or other emotional conditions; professional help can assist in recovering from a gambling problem.