DayMay 12, 2024

How to Win the HK Prize

The HK Prize is one of Hong Kong’s premier high school contests, honoring academic achievements and extracurricular participation. Winners receive not only substantial monetary prizes but also access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities, making this award an exceptional chance for students who aspire to become scientists. Winners must be nominated by their teachers and adhere strictly to all rules to maximize their chances of victory – otherwise disqualification could occur.

Numerous Hong Kong Prize recipients have demonstrated incredible courage in the face of immense difficulties. This year’s recipients included activists combatting against democracy erosion in their home countries and a professor who developed liquid biopsy technology for faster cancer diagnoses – two examples that truly embody the spirit of the prize and serve as outstanding ambassadors for their city even during times of difficulty.

Lui Che-woo founded the Hong Kong Prize to encourage individuals and communities alike to make an impactful difference, as well as promote Hong Kong’s research culture, which has produced many Nobel laureates. Each year it is awarded in areas like artificial intelligence and robotics; life and health sciences; new materials/energy usage/useage; advanced manufacturing. Its logo includes precious elements like pearl and jade amulet to symbolize its mission of encouraging young people to pursue their passions.

Participating in Hong Kong Prize can yield lucrative monetary, shopping voucher and F&B rewards at awards ceremonies held throughout Hong Kong. Although competition can be intensely challenging, adhering to all rules carefully is crucial to increasing your chances of becoming one of the ten finalists and receiving one of those coveted golden trophies! Therefore it is vital that before submitting any work it be read through carefully first to ensure submission in the correct category.

If you enjoy writing news articles, submitting to the best business news article (English) category could be an ideal opportunity. Open to all HSBC bank customers, this award can offer cash prizes worth up to HK$100,000.

The Hong Kong Prize (hk prize) is an esteemed competition that honors writers for their works. Along with receiving a substantial cash prize, top ten finalists also receive recognition at award ceremonies and social media platforms. Joining early will increase your odds of success; check out the website of hk prize to understand all their rules before submitting work – good luck!