DayNovember 16, 2023

Hong Kong Pools With Stunning Views

hongkong pools

Swimming can be an enjoyable activity for the whole family, while also offering many health benefits. Swimming provides low-impact exercise that supports cardiovascular health while providing a great way to unwind after an exhausting day. Swimming also builds endurance while being an important lifesaving skill.

As summer heats up, a dip in a pool becomes an absolute must! Hong Kong boasts many incredible pools for you to take a refreshing dip and soak up some sun without leaving the city!

From infinity pools overlooking Victoria Harbour to water zones perfect for kids, here’s our selection of some of Hongkong’s finest pools.

Just about the only thing better than taking a refreshing swim in a refreshing pool is doing so while enjoying beautiful scenery – like Hong Kong pools do with their skyline views and lush tropical landscapes.

Hong Kong is now offering a new trend of swimming with an incredible view. As summer heats up, Hong Kong offers numerous stunning pools to take a dip at. From infinity pools with incredible city views to luxury hotel pools – here are some great spots for taking a plunge!

On our list of Hongkong pools with stunning views is Tsing Yi Swimming Pool. This incredible indoor complex houses three teaching and leisure pools as well as an Olympic-sized main pool – making it the ideal spot for training, learning, or relaxing during an afternoon swim session! Plus its clear turquoise waters feature fake palm trees and an artificial waterfall, making this one of the most picturesque Hongkong pools available!

Opening hours: 6:30am-10pm with breaks between 12-1pm and 6:00-7:00pm and on Wednesdays for cleaning purposes.

Tai Wan Shan swimming pool offers stunning Hongkong sea views from its 150-degree seafront position. Offering incredible facilities with its main pool, secondary Olympic-sized pool and diving pool – making this pool perfect for taking in some of Hongkong’s iconic landmarks!

At public swimming pools in Hong Kong, swimmers have expressed concerns over a shortage of staff. According to Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union data, 20 out of the 45 pools plan to close lanes or facilities used by swimming clubs this year due to staff shortages; sparking fears classes might have to be cancelled.

Hong Kong pools are world-class, boasting breathtaking views and incredible facilities. Clean water flows freely all year long at every pool and monthly tickets cost only HK$150; additionally there are discounts for students, children and those over 60! So get out your swimsuit and visit one of these exquisite pools today!