The Quality of Water in Hong Kong Pools

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Swimming offers numerous health advantages beyond being an enjoyable pastime, including reduced stress levels and blood pressure reduction. Furthermore, swimming can improve overall physical health and increase energy levels; but its success ultimately hinges on its water quality – one key consideration when selecting Hongkong pools as your venue.

Quality pool water in Hong Kong is key to any pool’s success, especially public pools that cater to swimmers and tourists. To maintain safety and cleanliness of swimming pools, pool managers must regularly test for contaminants or harmful bacteria; otherwise they risk having their pool closed off until all issues have been addressed.

In addition to cleanliness, Hong Kong pool water must also be well maintained and at an ideal temperature. HK pool water should ideally remain between 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit for proper circulation of the water and swimmer safety; additionally it must be filtered regularly in order to remove impurities like dirt and dust that accumulate within it and buildup of algae growth.

In order to protect against viruses and germs during the summer season, swimming pools should use chlorine in their water to disinfect. Chlorine levels must also be closely monitored so as to make sure it doesn’t go beyond an acceptable range; ensuring it remains within safe levels is of utmost importance for all swimmers including infants and toddlers.

Hong Kong boasts 22 public swimming pools managed by Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), all of which are free for residents to use; however, non-residents who wish to visit these pools must pay an entrance fee (HK$17 weekdays; HK$19 weekends), with discounted entrance fees being applied for seniors, persons with disabilities and full-time students.

Cordis Hong Kong boasts an amazing rooftop pool that attracts swimmers with its stunning view and heated surface, complete with Jacuzzi and lounge chairs for optimal views of cityscape. Furthermore, they offer various amenities such as underwater speaker system and cozy cabanas for guest comfort.

Even in spite of a rainy, gray day, the pool managed to draw large crowds despite its dismal surroundings. Some visitors came early in order to secure a swimming spot; others simply came to enjoy the scenery. As of Thursday afternoon, most facilities at the pool remained open but some facilities temporarily closed due to a staff shortage caused by a strike by Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union staff members.