How to Win the Hong Kong Prize

hongkong prize

Hong Kong Prize Literary Competition offers writers who specialize in Asian culture and history an exciting opportunity to show off their skills. Top ten finalists receive both a monetary award as well as an awards plaque at an awards ceremony. Although competition for this contest can be intense, if you possess both dedication and talent it is certainly worth your while to compete for this prestigious literary prize. However, before beginning make sure that all rules and regulations have been thoroughly read so as to have an enjoyable experience and avoid any potential issues later.

Scientists who have made groundbreaking contributions to science and technology may compete for the Hongkong Prize, a monetary award that recognizes their work. Furthermore, winners can receive an internship at one of Hong Kong’s research institutions for six months, followed by the opportunity to present their research at an international conference – providing great exposure and furthering their careers!

The Hongkong Prize is open to any citizen of Hong Kong with an official document in their possession, and serves as the highest honour bestowed by the government in appreciation of their contribution to society and economy in Hong Kong.

Applying for the Hongkong Prize involves submitting a research article published in Hong Kong Journal of Ophthalmology (HKJO) during their year of nomination. Eligible articles must include clinical studies, observational or epidemiological research studies or basic science investigations; letters to editors and reviews do not qualify.

Winners of the Hongkong Prize can expect a cash award and various perks, including shopping vouchers and F&B discounts. Furthermore, winning authors will have their manuscript published in the Hong Kong Journal of Ophthalmology (HKJO), furthering their careers.

Hongkong Prize provides participants with more than just cash rewards; they’ll have a chance to meet and learn from their idols as well. The jury consists of professional writers, journalists and experts from different institutions – applicants submit online submissions that will then be reviewed by this jury; those deemed most deserving will be awarded prizes as well as book coupons.

The Hongkong Prize is open to people living throughout Southeast Asia, mainland China, and beyond. Travelers can register their interest by visiting the World of Winners splash page starting March 1 and register their name – Southeast Asian residents will be selected first followed by mainland Chinese citizens before any other winner. Ultimately one will take home this prize and explore Hong Kong’s extraordinary scenery and diverse cultures!