Data Hk Pools Terlengkap 2023

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Hong Kong is an international finance and trading hub as well as a network infrastructure center, boasting one of the world’s highest concentrations of carrier-dense data centers. These carrier-dense data centers offer customers access to an expansive selection of networks, IT service providers and cloud service providers, enabling them to interconnect into Asia’s active financial ecosystems. Equinix offers connectivity options in Hong Kong including direct exchanges with over 40 network providers as well as seamless, high performance global networks with low latency across key markets – one of world’s highest carrier-dense metros!

No matter where personal data travels from Hong Kong or within it, the PDPO lays down a comprehensive set of rights and obligations for data controllers regarding its processing. Notably, it regulates collection, processing, holding, use and transfer using six core principles that define data protection law; additionally it provides for cross-border transfers without express provisions conferring extraterritorial application.

Understanding the Personal Data Protection Ordinance (PDPO) rules regarding data transfers is crucial to mitigating risk and ensuring efficient compliance. Padraig Walsh of Tanner De Witt outlines some key points to bear in mind, with particular attention paid to how they differ depending on your jurisdiction of choice.

Hong Kong was at the forefront of modern data privacy laws when they first went into effect, and the PDPO includes numerous requirements governing any transfer of personal data outside Hong Kong, such as complying with its six core data protection principles and assuring any processor located outside Hong Kong provides similar levels of data protection as is provided under PDPO.

Tech Data Distribution (Hong Kong) serves as an integrator and distributor within the IT ecosystem, connecting wholesalers, resellers, retailers and end users in order to foster digital business transformation. An illustration of this approach’s worth can be seen through their strategic partnership with Allied Telesis, where AI was utilized to address technological problems. Tech Data uses Allied Telesis’ software innovations, such as network AI and intent-based networking, to automate administrative tasks and free staff for revenue-generating activities. As a result, Tech Data can become more agile while offering innovative solutions to their customers, increasing profitability while being supported by a robust and secure network infrastructure.