DayDecember 6, 2023

A Guide to Sydney Harbour Pools

sdy pools

No matter your outdoor decor needs – redecorating the pool area, increasing functionality or creating an oasis – this guide has ideas to suit them all. Learn from design pros how to maximize sunlight for alfresco dining with custom pergolas; and how to increase safety with new fences – not to mention unique materials to give it that special something.

Clover Moore, the Lord Mayor of Sydney, wants to change that perception by turning part of Sydney Harbour into a public swimming pool for public use and conservation efforts. Her plan calls for building pools near Luna Park and Sydney Aquarium’s old wharf area – as Moore believes that doing laps on Sydney Harbor would become both culturally significant and an opportunity to appreciate Sydney’s scenic waterside scenery.

The 2021 pool opening will feature three swimming pools: 50-metre, 25-metre and 10-metre as well as an observation deck, kids splash zone and underwater lighting and artificial reef for more natural swimming experience. It will serve as an asset to the waterfront of this city and attract swimmers from around the globe.

For more information about the new Sydney Harbour pools, visit their official website or follow them on social media such as Twitter to stay informed of any developments related to this exciting project.

Elkington Park Baths are an iconic and historically significant landmark among Sydney harbour pools. Tucked beneath Balmain’s sandstone cliffs, these corrugated iron pools are painted cream and green to resemble Victorian-era swimming facilities. Once popular among residents for taking a dip, today the Baths are used mainly for cultural events and catering to community members’ need for additional swimming spaces. Their unique architecture has earned it recognition on Australia’s National Heritage List. Sandstone walls provide shelter to numerous rare bird species, including the Australian coot – protected since its discovery in the 1960s – making this protected site an absolute must-see for visitors to the park. Dogs are allowed on leashes and there are numerous grassy areas ideal for picnicking; additionally there are public toilets nearby which are open daily from 7am-8pm without charge for visitors and families alike.